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 At New Breed we provide each client with a  tailor made package of services to ensure the visual story telling process is reinforced through each element.  We have everything you need to ensure your photoshoot is a success. From pre and post shoot services our range of creative entrepreneurs will ensure you’ll receive the picture perfect outcome. Learn more about our process below.


Create Your Own Package

Creative direction

Allow us to pitch you concepts for your photoshoot.


We are visual beings. We love creating moodboards for your photoshoot, project, pitch, blog, etc.


We have a unique casting method. All of the models on our site have been

"street casted".


Our collective is full of stylists with a variety of aesthetics. We have unique collaboration methods to match & connect our worldwide stylists to our clients.

product shots

Beautifully curated product shots of your goods. Tell us your vision and purpose and we will bring it to life for you.

lifestyle shoot

Authentic, natural, stunning. Our lifestyle shoots are generally done outdoors or on location.

Editorial Shoot

A fashion spread with a strong focus on visual storytelling. This is where we make your fantastical dreams a reality. 

Animate your photos

Now a day's content needs to pass the scroll test. Adding animations and movement to your photos increases the chances of you capturing your audience's attention. Also, it just looks cool. 

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hair & makeup

We pair you with the glam squad that best fits your photoshoot style. 

Product placements

Brands send us samples. We will upload to our virtual styling closet for our collective to choose from. We feature those products in our shoots and send the brand a copy whenever their product is featured.

set design

Our collective is full of set designers. Crave a regional look? We have you covered. Crave an international influence? No problem. Period piece or something futuristic? Done and done. We cover a whole spectrum of styles.


Whether ebooks or physical copies, our look books are tailored to compliment your brand identity and showcase your collection.




All the models on this site are every day people who were casted off the streets, out and about, in the real world. We think there is something special and authentic about casting real people. We have New Breed members on the ground around the world passing out "You've Been Casted" cards to unique and vibrant real life characters. Our models are body positive, diverse, unique, and undiscovered. 

To apply click here and attach 3 photos; 1 headshot and 2 full body shots with your city, state, country and any modeling related experience. Also include who your dream client would be.

If you are here because you were given a "You've Been Casted" card please click here.


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