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Our talent is out of this world

About Us

New Breed is  a curated collection of hand picked talent from around the world.

We onboard new talent on a quarterly basis and seek out multidisciplinary artists through our artist referral program, online application and scouting efforts. 

We discover up and coming artists who are ethically aligned with our values and mission. The artists in our collective are in demand talent that are completely one of a kind. They are known for their unique aesthetic, high quality work, and for their passion for creating original and cultivating content that transcends the temporary trends. 

By joining the collective you are pledging to take a proactive role in deprogramming mainstream media by participating in (at least) one New Breed Editorial For Social Change a year. There is a yearly production calendar with quarterly themes and supporting submission guidelines. Interpret the theme as you wish via fashion editorials and film projects or a combination of the two. These editorial spreads are a way to flood the world with positive imagery supporting and empowering marginalized communities. We have a unique global collaboration process for our talent to team up, create universal cutting edge content, learn from each other, and even lean into different mediums to strengthen their multidisciplinary efforts. 

By working with the collective you are supporting small business owners and minority entrepreneurs. 

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