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The New Breed is born to create & bred to cultivate.


New Breed is made up of a rare collection of marginalized creative entrepreneurs who specialize in all things film & fashion from around the world. We are passionate about deprograming Hollywood & positively influencing culture through visual story telling in mainstream media. We are united in purpose yet original in expression. We do not look alike but we are bred the same, we are the New Breed.

Rose DiFerdinando


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Donte Edwards


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Founder and CEO Rose DiFerdinando has been producing, casting, styling and providing creative direction for photo shoots, fashion shows, & film projects for over 15 years. She casted & produced fashion shows in Los Angeles for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week & went on to British Vogue's Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design igniting her career in creative direction & styling editorial photoshoots. Most recently she casted, styled & was the executive producer for her first (award winning) feature length documentary that is streaming now on Netflix (click here for more info). 
Rose has a knack for appreciating & scouting new & authentic artists & for knowing which talent & vendor are best positioned for the project goals. She feels it is critical that projects are created and produced by an eclectic mix of artists that don't look, act, & feel the same; & that weaving those original viewpoints & influences together is what truly creates authentic & captivating content. She is now on a mission to be a force in systemic change in Film & Fashion industries through talent acquisition & placement & correcting visual narratives on screen & in commercial advertisements. 
Rose is personally involved & hands-on with all New Breed projects. 

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